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Hey there,

I'm Sebastian and I am a Creative Planner employed at Ogilvy Frankfurt. This website features a selection of related projects, publications and the brands I have worked on.


So you’d like to know what happened in my past? Ok, here it is:

I studied social science at Philipps University of Marburg, specializing in economics and management consulting. Written during the rise of social networks, my bachelor thesis focuses on digital sociology, the rise and fall of anonymous internet usage and the impact on society as anonymity is on its decline.

Starting as an intern, I joined the strategy department at Ogilvy in 2007 and finally being employed as Brand Consultant in 2008. From there on I continued to work on brands from a strategic and creative perspective and specialized in brand building, employer branding and corporate strategies.

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Portfolio and client list upon request.


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Sebastian Krowarz
Ingolstädter Str. 23
60316 Frankfurt

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